Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Becki, and, like you, I am a very busy person! I have a full time job outside the home and my husband and I have one little man. My husband is active duty Army, and we are both part-time students.

We live on a little more than an acre, and have recently been dabbling in homesteading. We have chickens, some fruit trees, and have recently started gardening. We also enjoy making our own beer!

I am a budget nerd, and our family has been following the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps since the beginning of the year. The process has truly been an eye-opener for us!

I hope to share a little bit of everything with you all, since life doesn’t focus solely on just meal planning, or budgeting, or parenting, or squeezing in those online classes late at night. Life is about figuring out how to squeeze all these important things into the 24 hours per day that we are given.

Thanks for stopping by!